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Attention!!! New amber color, new design... Blood amber


Baltic amber store AMBER999 company from Lithuania is the largest in the Baltic region, amber jewelry manufacturer and supplier. Our work spans over 20 years. Our company specializes in the production from amber. At the beginning, we made exlusively amber jewellery, which gave us vast experience in this field. Every year, our company is expanding and seeking the best possible quality amber jewelry.

This year we started with new challenge, new ideas and new technology process.

As we are open to new challenges, we started New Amber Color:

  • Blood amber;
  • Blood amber beads;
  • Blood amber stones;
  • Blood amber material;
  • Blood amber pendants;
  • Blood amber jewellery;
  • Blood amber silver jewellery;
  • Blood amber gold jewellery;
  • Blood amber manufactured;
  • Blood press amber jewellery
  • and more others.

Blood amber stonesBlood amber beadsBlood amber material

We make our products with Baltic amber, which we process in house. That is where our extensive design possibilities come from and our customers can be 100% certain that we offer natural succinite.

Our jewellery is recognised for its extraordinary elegante and high quality of work manship. We meet the needs of both those who are looking for classic and contemporary jewellery.

Wholesale and retail high quality amber jewellery. Amber articles: beads, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, souvenirs.

Our production process utilines the most advanced technologies.

Each year, the exhibition will visit a lot, so every customer can come see amber products. Amber exhibition is our main aim. Every year, we try to visit as many exhibitions. Every custumer is our best friend and critic. We try to fulfil all the desires and wishes of amber jewellry and manufacturing. AMBER999 try to be visible and to reach out to a wider audience of customers.

Our company seeks innovations, which makes us reliable and eager to take up new challenges.

Today our new challenge is BLOOD AMBER!!!

Blood amber bearsBlood amber jewelleryBlood amber pendant


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